Our Story


In 2014, I left the corporate world and put a handful of vintage furnishings on etsy.com in an attempt to turn my hobby of interior design and furniture restoration into a business. I was ready to reconnect with my industrial design roots, having graduated from the N.C. State College of Design.

Success did not come immediately, but I kept trying.

I started selling furniture at local pop-up markets and then found a tiny space off of St. Mary's St. to lease in the back of a record store. Eventually sales picked up and I decided to take the giant leap and open up my own storefront! 

Although I began my business refurbishing and sometimes repurposing neglected vintage furniture, my new store features much more than this! Going to local art, craft, and vintage markets and doing online research for my business made me realize that it is possible to furnish your home in a socially responsible, yet stylish and still affordable way. 

I started thinking bigger than vintage! 

Vintage celebrates the designers of the past. What if I also carried handmade products that support up-in-coming designers and local makers?

My new concept was born!

In the store you will see a mix of vintage and handmade furnishings. Although my staff and I still restore vintage furnishings, some mid century modern pieces have been left untouched. 

All of our new products have been selected with the utmost scrutiny. We have many items that are made in North Carolina, but also elsewhere in the United States by small producers and artisans. We have even included a handful of products in our store that were produced overseas because we were so impressed with the practices employed by these businesses and their visions.

Our merchandise is ever changing. Come shop with us Saturdays 11-5 or by shopping appointment.  The rest of the week we are making custom furnishings  and restoring vintage pieces in our workshop.